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Failure Management 


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A unique one day Command Management training course for Pilots preparing for their command  upgrade, or who wish to refresh their command management skills

ONE to ONE course dates available on application

  • Learn how to prepare for the biggest jump in any pilot's flying career. 
  • Discover how to avoid the common failure points during a command assessment  and / or command upgrade course.
  • Learn the strategy of coping with system failures using  Failure Management.
  • Then practice these strategies in a unique classroom environment (with optional full flight simulator practice later)
  • Learn to combat sim-i-tis !
  • Boost you own confidence levels by being fully prepared

 Captains of Tomorrow

 Be Prepared Today

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Tel UK       0115 921 76 96

Chief Instructor



Captain Brian Bradley

Brian has been involved in aviation training since 1980.  A pilot for 34 years, with over 15,000 hours experience and 20 years of as a Airline Jet Captain




  • Discover how to recognise and successfully manage aircraft system failures
  • Follow a common strategy that works every time
  • Combat sim-i-tis !
  • Practice these strategies in a unique, interactive classroom environment (with optional simulator practice)
  • Improve your Proficiency Check (LPC/OPC) scores by being better prepared.
  • Useful for pilots of all experience levels and fleets.

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ONE to ONE courses available

on application


Tel INT +44 115 921 76 96

Brian is a B737 Training Captain TRI(A)/TRE and Base Trainer

He is directly involved in Command Preparation Training and Command Assessment Programs Consultancy for several airlines.

He is also a registered Aviation Consultant, and Managing Director of BradAir Aviation Consultancy Ltd

Have you got a sim assessment coming up as part of an interview?

Do you need to practice first ?

  •     B737 CL
  •     B737 NG
  •     B757
  •     B767
  •     B777
  •     A320
  •     A330
  •     A340

Greatly improve your performance at job assessments and interviews by getting a good sim practice session in first

  • Get familiar with other aircraft types
  • Practice a new instrument scan for the different types
  • Flight Director OFF practice
  • ILS practice in varying winds
  • Engine Out Practice
  • Circuit Flying Practice - including tight circuits often requested by assessors.
  • Our practice Sim sessions focus purely on practicing for your future employers sim assessment profile.

Contact CommandPrep and talk to us about how we can help you prepare for that interview sim assessment.

Get one step ahead by really being prepared. 



e-mail: commandprep@aol.com

Though his experiences of commercial airline pilot training at all levels, Brian has developed a range of unique, interactive, one day ground school courses to help all pilots prepare for the next level of their flying careers, the Captains seat. 

He also has vast experience in a range of different aircraft simulators allowing pilots to practice sim sessions on many different types.

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